Freelance Editor

Third Place Winner
If you are a writer considering submitting to a publisher or you want to self-publish, I highly recommend finding a good editor for your work.  If you aren't part of a local or online writing group, I suggest doing that before finding an editor.  A good writing group can give you lots of constructive help. 

There is nothing more distracting to a reader than poor editing; even if they don't know the editing is the problem they usually feel the writing isn't good, when the book simply needs some good editing.  It's next to impossible to edit your own work.  I think my backyard is beautiful as I peer through my kitchen window at the tops of the lovely roses and lilacs.  But when I look at the same place from my neighbors porch... well, let's just say weeds take on biblical proportions and I race home to get the gloves and that long stick thing to uproot dandelions!

As a content editor, I edit for plot, characterization, pacing, grammar, voice, tense agreement, passive voice, etc. and I can give you my opinion on marketability. I prefer mainstream fiction and memoir but I'll consider some non-fiction. I am not a line editor or proofreader but I do make corrections in the context of content editing. If you need references, be sure to let me know.

Please query me with the subject line "need editorial help."  Tell me a little about your history as a writer and the piece you want edited; a synopsis is very helpful for me to determine if I have the time to devote to it.  If I can edit it, I'll ask for the ms and send you a rate sheet as well as my ideas for a time frame and our agreement for consult.

If you don't hear from me within two days, please contact me again; computers have this wonderland in cyberspace where they stash rogue emails and sometimes mine and yours get stuck there.

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