Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love in the Time of Mortals

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure to sign another contract with MuseItUp Publishing.  The feeling is exquisite.  There is something deeply satisfying about getting the opportunity to share my words, to have the chance to give to someone else and hopefully make a difference and inspire. 

Muse is the company of all companies to work with.  Honest, hard working and lots of fun.  We have a great time in our author's group and my colleagues are the best editors on the continent.  Really, I am so blessed and grateful.

A few months ago, Muse put out a theme call for Summertime Romance stories for the summer of 2011.  Immediately an idea whooshed by and I grabbed it, committing it to paper as soon as possible.  I love how those little things work.  It's like I'm sailing on the ocean with the sun at it's zenith sparkling on the water like a thousand diamonds strewn about.  A jewelfish rushes by in the current and I capture it in my hand carefully, peeking through my fingers as light streams out.  If I hold it gently and let it breath, it blossoms into a living story.  I've got my nets out, let me tell you!

Love in the Time of Mortals is about Lucille Lamphere's crazy world.  Lucille is on her wedding anniversary all by herself because her beloved Jack drowned at sea on their wedding day 15 years ago.  Lucille has a lifetime reservation for their tropical getaway on their anniversary as a tribute to his memory.  Except this year someone joins her...the hotel has apparently double-booked her suite.  Lucille, ever the diplomat, decides to make the best of it and despite her best efforts, falls madly in love with her handsome roomie.  Moments collide to an  unusual ending when Lucille discovers all is not what it seems and the ocean holds more secrets than she realized. 

Sometimes love slips through your fingers, only to return like waves on the sea...     Love in the Time of Mortals,  August 2011

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  1. Karen, CONGRATS on your contract!

  2. Congrats, Karen. Nice story. I wish I could write romance. All I think about are demons and dragons and faeries and such. Oh, well. Takes all sorts I guess to have multiple genres.

  3. Woo-hoo! Congratulations! That's awesome! And your story sounds great. May it be blessed!

  4. Your story sounds great and I can't wait to read it. Marking down another one to buy.

  5. Rebecca, I like demons and dragons and the like in stories! I'm glad you write that! And thank you. :)

    Lynn, Thank you so much!

    Thanks, Ro. I hear you, I have my list too!