Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Muse Reader's Group

It’s time, to announce what Muse has in store for surprise at a time.

Beginning October 1st, and on the first of each month, one lucky reader will win a FREE e-book.

The rules you ask?

Join our discussions, ask our authors questions, have fun with us, that’s it. Participate and you have a chance to be one of our monthly winners.

To join our readers group go here:Give your friends the link above and ask them to join us too. Come October things are going to begin hopping and a'boppin' all over the place.

Please join the reader's group here:

But that’s not all:

Join us in our readers group for our December 1st Launch Party and you will have a chance to be one of our two lucky winners:

First prize: a year’s worth of ebooks (12 in total)

Second prize: six month’s worth of ebooks (6 in total)

Hold on, we’ve got more...

Between October 1st and 31st we’re hosting a Masquerade Blog Festival. Each day one of our authors will entertain you with a variety of posts, from short stories, recipes, historical facts of the Halloween season, to decorating tips. In-between these posts there will be random YouTube videos posted and the first reader who jumps in the loop and calls out the title of the song posted will have his or her choice of any one of our released or soon to be released e-books. If soon-to-be-released you will receive the e-book once it debuts.

So tell your friends to join us because we’ve got tons of goodies in store for you each month.


  1. Hi Karen, this is getting exciting! I'm going to sign up and have some fun! Thanks for telling us about it. Congratulations on your contract.

    Barb Shelton

  2. Hi Barb, and thank you! We've got some more fun things in store in the group. :)