Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Celebration Time!


Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo! We’ve all raced, sweated and slogged water, food and chocolate on the run - and now, now we are at the finish line with words in tow! Yeah! Don’t forget to validate your word count on the website so you can collect your special prizes. By the way, you can still add to your word count after validation in case you’re waiting to eek out that last little phrase.

Congratulations, NaNo’ers!

This is no small feat!

If you have won by passing 50,000 words, you must be elated! If you have not passed 50K don’t fret – as every writer knows, having some word count is far better than no word count. It’s just that those over 50K now have more work ahead of us in editing, lol!

MuseItUp Publishing Launch!

And at this turning point, MuseItUp Publishing is having our launch party all day tomorrow! Please join the readers group (this is mainstream) to be eligible for spectacular door prizes! It gets even better… we’re having a sale in the bookstore.

Holiday Special: Get 25% off any purchase from today until December 10th.
Use code: HC2010D at checkout in the discount code box before going to Paypal.

Celebration Giveaway!

To celebrate my household skating over the finish line for NaNoWriMo (me and my teens have won!) and to celebrate MuseItUp Publishing’s December Launch, I’m offering a giveaway through the good folks at CNS stores!

One lucky winner will receive a $35.00 gift certificate. All you have to do is join my blog and leave a comment on this blog post. Also, optionally, if you’d like to be on my email list for my writing newsletter, please leave your email with your comment like so: avidreader-at-gmail-dot-com. That way spammers can’t grab your email off the internet and I can send you the newsletter when it comes out. You can join my blog through Facebook on Networked Blogs or through Blogger. Through Blogger you’ll need a gmail account which is fast, easy and free.  If you have already joined this blog, just leave a comment on this post.

This will run from today through Thursday night at midnight and then Molly will pick a name out of a hat which I’ll announce on Friday in this blog post.

As some of you know, I carry my backpack with me everywhere, yes, even to fancy social events. I always have my notebook and pen handy and more often than not, my netbook as well. My teen authors-in-training are carrying notepads and pens with them everywhere in their own backpacks now – it’s becoming a family tradition...or quirk, lol! It’s never too early to encourage a budding writer and CNS has an amazing selection of children’s backpacks if you have a child who would like their very own writing kit - it would make a lovely Christmas and/or Chanukkah gift.

Hope to see you at the party tomorrow for MuseItUp Publishing and for Boston Wrimo’s, I’ll see you at the TGIO party in the Hub!

Write on!

photo credits: morguefile.com


  1. I think we all deserve a round of applause! I can't believe we all lived to tell the tale, lol!

    Personally, I didn't think I was going to make 50K, much less the 90-100K goal I had set as my "pie in the sky" dream. But somehow, I made it . . . I still don't know how I managed. I finished my plot line with 90426 today, just squeaking over my minimum goal.

    But it's the happiest squeak of my life, lol!

    Congrats to everyone who participated! We're all winners (or nuts!) for having the guts to try!

  2. Congratulations to you and your kids on winning NaNo. What an accomplishment! You must be very proud.

    I'm looking forward to the launch party tomorrow. I've been hanging out in the chat since I joined after the conference. You are all a nutty bunch, and so much fun to hang out with.

    Happy holidays :)


  3. Congratulations to you and your daughters! NaNo is lots of fun and I'm hoping I can participate again next year.

  4. Brenda, that's wonderful! I love NaNo!!! :)

  5. Andrea, we are a nutty bunch, I'm glad you like us! The opening today is spectacular!!

    Karen :)

  6. Hi Debbi, thank you! We had a lot of fun. It's back to real life today, though. I did give them the day off from school so they can rest after that marathon. The beauty of homeschool!

    Karen :)

  7. CONGRATS to you and your daughters! I didn't reach my NaNoWriMo goal, but I still feel like a winner for trying.

  8. I think everyone who tried is a winner:) I made just over 50,000 and I still have to finish the story. I really learned a lot about buckling down and writing everyday.

    Congratulations everyone! By the way I love your backpack tradition Karen:)

  9. congrats to you I really wanted to nano but i knew I was on time resrictions maybe next year . please sign me up for the newsletter
    meandi09 at yahoo .com

  10. Incredible word count! Sometimes I struggle all day with one sentence...lol. No wonder you won, congratulations!

  11. Please add me to your newsletter suspektme@gmail.com Thank you!

  12. Moonsanity, I call it my portable apartment, LOL! Congrats on NaNo and I left a note on your blog. :)

  13. Karen, I was homeschooled part of my first year (we lived in the Alaskan bush)& I loved the extra recesses and days off, although probably not as much as my mother!

  14. Thanks Jennifer, sometimes NaNo isn't practical. There's another one in July. I tried it this summer but life got in the way quickly!

  15. Karen, I struggle with sentences sometimes, too. I have to shut off my internal editor to get anything done! :)

  16. Oh Debra, fun! :) We have a good time here and get our math done too, lol!

  17. Congratulations on you and your daughters for getting such a huge word counts for NaNoWriMo - I also made it to the end with 50,054 (and since have added more).
    It's an awesome feeling...and thankfully, I'm still carrying around that feeling.
    Kay Dee

  18. Congrats on finishing NaNo! I keep meaning to do it but have never found the time!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  19. Kay Dee, thanks and Congratulations to you as well! :)

  20. Thank you Liz and thanks for stopping in! :)

  21. Hey everyone! The winner of the gift certificate is Liz! Congratulations!

    For everyone else, stay tuned as I'll be having more giveaways soon!

    Liz, I'll email you with the details. <3