Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preditors and Editors Reader's Polls


Preditors & Editors Reader’s Polls

It’s that time of year again when everyone votes on their favorites! Preditors & Editors has a well-known reputation for bringing us the skinny on who’s who in the publishing world. It’s a very handy service for writers. This year the dates were extended through January 26th, tomorrow, because there were technical difficulties at the site earlier in the month.  Since some of the books I edited last year were published in 2010, I'm in the line-up as an e-book editor!

Please vote for me!

Please go to this link (same as the one below) and scroll down to my name, Karen McGrath. Click the box next to my name, and then scroll down to fill in your name and email. They will send you an email right away with a code number. Just click the code number in your email or copy to your browser and your vote will be cast. This cuts down on spammers and double voters.

While you’re there, please check out MuseItUp Publishing for a publishing house and for our bookstore. We aim to bring you the stories you love!

Thanks so much for voting for me as an editor!

Have a great day!

photo credit: critters.org polls ebook poll site (blog page)

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  1. A short note to let you all know that I won third place in the Preditor & Editors Reader's Polls for ebook editor! Thank you to all who voted, and check out the cool badge on the sideline here!

    Yeah! :)